Cecilia Anefelt
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Crossword: Lip “A simple visual can say more than a thousand words. Well this great print for Crossword audio books really does the trick. A book folded open, combined with a reflection on the table,.

Coca-Cola: Friends

Take a look at this amazing Coca-Cola Illusions for Plants Make Us Happy Campaign illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending images and videos.

imagens com duplo sentido lua

Night train to London Noma Bars installation, Cut It Out, features a selection of double-take imagery made by cutting out shapes and working with the remaining negative space.

CUT IT OUT. POWER TO THE INDIVIDUAL http://design-union.ru/authors/practice/what2do/383-noma-bar

The artist creates the image of a boxer flexing his muscels by utilizing the space between the thumbs of the gloves. this use of negative space in this artwork is a good example of using space in art.