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Forever Horses: Anatomy of the Equine Hindleg

Forever Horses: Anatomy of the Equine Hindleg I've done an equine distal limb dissection at school and learning about these bones and the tendons around it is really great in real life.

Hoof Explorer: Discover and Interact with the Horse's Foot in Three Beautiful Dimensions, Online

Hoof Explorer: Discover and interact with the horse's foot in three beautiful dimensions, online.

The hoof is simply amazing in that it does so much, is so important and without it the horse does not live. This is why the old saying "No Hoof - No Horse" has been around for years. Taking care of and understanding the hoof is paramount to good horsemanship and providing proper care for your horse.

A complete page about the horse hoof, importance of the hoof, care of the horse hoof and how the hoof works

Diagram of a healthy horse hoof  ©  Learn about horses hooves and Laminitis in horses -

The hoof should look like this from the bottom. basic horse care to know hoof parts as hoof health makes the horse

We who have horses should know as much as we can about their needs. Their hoofs are so so so very important to their health.

This is the inside of a horses hoof, obviously. If you have a horse, want a horse, or want to become a Vet you should know everything about these big glorious animals.