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Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and just breathe! Check out more things you can do today, to feel better tomorrow! Rest, relaxation in my hubbys arms.

Make the logo bigger.

White space: the empty, negative space around the elements of a design. Designers use white space to make their key pieces pop. They draw the eye exactly where they want it to go.

believe it.

Funny pictures about Temporary mirror. Oh, and cool pics about Temporary mirror. Also, Temporary mirror photos.

Mixte Maternelle via Jules Vernacular

École Mixte Maternelle, Bordeaux, France, via Jules Vernacular

OMG Pillow!

Instantly boost your dorm decor with our cute bed and decorative throw pillows. Our dorm bedding are the perfect accessories for dorm decorating.

An extract from one of Roald Dahl's speeches, showing the inspiration for Esio Trot

The idea for Esio Trot came to Roald Dahl twelve years before it was eventually published - as this extract shows.

street art "remember that u're not doing it for money"