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Angelica Nylander
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Leather panels sewn onto chainmail. A good idea to avoid the "beginning larper" look.

Lagertha's armour from Vikings. Leather panels sewn onto chainmail. A middle step between rigid leather armor and chainmail, making the boiled leather more flexible, and saving precious and expensive metal.

i miss this hair cut...A LOT!

This but the long part shorter as I have way less hair. (LOVE) Half shaved hair/Undercut on a rather beautiful tattooed woman. So pretty. (I'm a big fan of the long hair undercut.been doing it to my hair for awhile now ;

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South African artist Chris Slabber has created an exquisite series of images using pigmented ink and paint falling through water. Slabber captures incredibly detailed images of the liquid plumes with high-speed photography and digitally manipulates them,