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If you want to decorate with wine/beer bottles or jars, nail polish remover will help take the labels right off. | 24 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place For Free

How to easily remove a label from a glass bottle: Fill bottle with hot tap water, let sit a few minutes, peel label off. what doesn’t come off (or sticky residue) take an old rag, dip in nail polish remover, and rub on left over label.

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home | Glamumous!

Sprinkle salt in the spaces between patio slabs and at the bottom of walls to get rid of pesky weeds(but be careful NOT to get salt near plants you want to keep as salt will kill them!) 101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home

10-Minute Mail | 33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

10 Minute Mail - For those times you need a throwaway email address (like getting 2 more free weeks of Hulu Plus). The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self destruct in 10 minutes.