I think he just wants to make sure I don't have any to put on!! Lol

Married sexting: I'm not wearing any underwear, because you never put the fucking laundry in the dryer like I asked you to 100 times

Inspiration for Mom & Dad's anniversary card - ha!ha!

Love is.supporting one another through old age. I remember the Love Is cartoons in the Gazette when I was in school!


Ghost:/Högaktuell fråga inför påsken/Hönorna och ägget


Love the idea that old age is a gift; still working on becoming the person God wants me to be.

OLD AGE WISDOM-GIFT Crone Findings Old age is youth turned inside out, childhood reflected in a kaleidoscope of memories merged together, steeped slowly, and seasoned with time.


A set of funny friendship quotes to bring smile on your face. Few sayings in these funny friendship quotes are so deep that only true friends can understand

A little something for the #PoliticallCorrect ..... To #MakeTheirday ;-))

Over the Hill, Getting Old, Senior Citizen Humor - Old age jokes cartoons and funny photos

Nya säkerhetsbältet

New seatbelt. New seatbelt design: less car accidents! That's what I call pussy control. New seatbelt design: less car accidents! That's what I call pussy control


Behavioral, women and men are more different than we thought. Here are some funny quotes that explain everything relationship. quotes about men and women funny quotes