Konica Minolta Planetarium, Tokyo More

Konica Minolta Planetarium, Tokyo Imagine curling up with someone you just started falling for.

vending machines in Japan - oh my goodness gracious, this is SO-O-O-O much crazier than bread vending machines in France.

Ice Cream display in Japan---A Japanese ice-cream vending machine! with crazy flavors such as purple sweet potato, almond jelly, pudding, lavender, and “full maturity melon.

Hongo, Bunkyo city, Tokyo, Japan

Back alley - Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo 本郷三丁目菊坂通り路地裏

東京カメラ部 Editor's Choice:Yuji Iguchi

東京カメラ部 Spring Japan by Yuji Iguchi

広尾 レ・グラン・ザルブル


広尾 レ・グラン・ザルブル

Tokyo Japan Satellite view

I have been living mostly in Tokyo for about 12 years. This is how Tokyo city looks at night from a helicopter. currently about 12 million people live in the city.

Tokyo subway. - a deeper look into the soul of the city, which isn’t always… More

10 Films to Make you Fall in Love With Tokyo

All bright, Tokyo subway

Osaka night view, Japan | Takahiro Bessho あべのハルカス展望台より

Jakarta at night, Indonesia

アール座読書館 「book cafe」

cafe for reading only. keep quiet. R-zadokusyokan Koenji,Tokyo

Alley Of Tokyo Old Town, Akihiko Kamiya on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0qRP8

Alley Of Tokyo Old Town, Akihiko Kamiya





tokyo polaroid

tokyo polaroid

Kudan Institute

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Tokyo, Tokyo Japan