Glass hurricane jar, glue hessian to the bottom, place candle of your choice in middle of glass jar, add shells, starfish, etc.

a very beachy Christmas

Every festive table needs a centerpiece, and a wedding table is no exception. If you are planning a winter wedding, what centerpiece would you choose? Yes, classical floral centerpieces are a great idea – white or red.

Christmas wreath.. love cow bells .. we have them on our front doors.. everytime someone comes in we can hear them.. one of my favorite christmas presents ever!

Christmas greenery wreath with cow bells angling from rope.I love the simplicity of this wreath.cute or a farm, and the bells would ring anytime someone entered.

outdoors, love all of the balls that are arranged like flowers

Yuletide Windowboxes

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Cookie cutter napkin holders ~ this picture isn't very colorful, but the idea is pretty neat. Use the cutters for napkin rings. and then let your guests keep the cutter as a favor?


Cutest office gift ever: Hearts & hyacinths. "forced" bulbs for the holidays. Amaryllis with white hyacinth & red tulips in a clear container with just stones and water, no dirt. Then tie a beautiful ribbon around it. Vita hyacinter i glas med mossa, pärlnålar och dekorationssten Vita hyacinter i glas med mossa, pärlnålar och dekorationssten

ciao! newport beach: 12 easy ideas for ChristmasA trifle bowl, lined with candy canes & filled with white flowers and greens - very pretty Christmas centerpiece

Fresh flowers in candy cane arrangement in clear glass trifle server. The trifle dish with the candy canes are perfect for a holiday floral arrangement.

Mögen Sie Teelichter oder Kerzen?? 15 kreative, schöne und günstige Teelichthalter

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