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Can't Take It Anymore Quotes | Dear God, Please come hold my heart. I can't take the pain anymore.

Please I've begged year after year ever night please i don't want anymore tests I barely holding on after all the others there right after anther I just can't

You can push someone for so long and eventually they will give up the fight. Appreciate that person always.

I'm so freaking tired of trying. I'm also so tired of pretending anyone gives a crap.

When you see a security camera!, haahahaha

Funny pictures about Every time you see a security camera. Oh, and cool pics about Every time you see a security camera. Also, Every time you see a security camera.

Our ultimate guide for applying concealer, bronzer, highlighter and blush is the only step by step makeup tutorial you need!

A flawless face is the basis of every great makeup look, and while a great skincare regimen, foundation and concealer work wonders, they only work when you know how to apply them. This is the only gui (Diy Face Makeup)

Beautiful words about the saying."I wish you enough" – word spoken between a mother and daughter over the years and then as a final good-bye wish.

Michaela Forni - en blogg om livsstil, mode och kärlek

Största förlusten i livet är det som dör inom oss medan vi lever

Jag har skrivit så många texter om olycklig k . . .

♡ Forever in my heart ♡ Miss you my son ♡ ~Love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever~Ricky~

I feel it completely                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I just dreamt that my past love died and I woke up sobbing. ugh I loved him too much and it's truly time to start healing now. healing is an interesting process.