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Sshhh...!! You are Pregnant Shhh...#pregnancy #superstition !

This is for best friend even though I've been a pretty crappy friend over the past couple of months I still love her I would take a bullet for her anyway!

Birds Tattoo0

There's nothing quite like getting a matching tattoo with your best friend to prove to the world that your friendship is forever. We've rounded up a collection of matching best friend tattoos that are perfect for pals who share everything.

Bodil Malmsten

"Only you see me as I am Whose supposed to be me now Whose supposed to be you Hi, It's me It was me" - Bodil Malmsten


Popular Gorgeous Hand Tattoos For Your Beautiful Hands - Trend To Wear (just wings)

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Plumas flecha rebaño diseño de tatuaje por LapineTattooDesign

Tatto Ideas 2017 – Feather Flock Arrow ~ Tattoo Design Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Feather Flock Arrow Tattoo Design by LapineTattooDesign More Discovred by : amélia baps