Friends with a kitty.

Who ever said that different animals can’t get along? 50 Touching photos of unusual animal friendships.


So cute! I agree too with the person who said this is so cute. So cute. The Incensewoman

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

25 Animals Who Are Totally BFFs

We don't take sides in the dog-vs.-cat debate here on HN. We love all our furry friends equally. We gave you 15 Adorable Pics of Dogs & Horses.

Horse with cat pal.

I Love You BF! Wallpaper from Baby Farm Animals. This is an adorable scene of a farm cat nuzzling, not a baby but a young horse. This is just sooooo cute.

Horse talks kitty's ear offf

FixNation of Los Angeles provides free spaying and neutering to the homeless stray and feral cats of the streets. This is an AMAZING organization that aspires to be the model for successful TNR management within communities nationwide.


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Friends make everyday better!!

What is it between cats and horses? Go out to the barn, the cats and horses are together.and I've never seen a cat squished by a horse! (But I sure have seen a dog kicked by a horse)!