Mixa trä och kakel

Hardwood and tile . floor love this idea for transitioning from kitchen floor to living or like in a mud room/ laundry room.

♥ this is oddly appealing ♥ ♥ this is a snake wearing a unicorn hat... ♥ ♥ this pretty fruit! ♥ ♥ this adorable photo ♥ ♥ thes...

What this coffee remind you off? I'm that good ole (Bottom Row Column) Which Coffee Is your color? by kilprity

patchouliandfern: “wood-fire-smoke: “alraunahomestead: “ Kate ( ” i want this ” This is my dream.


This is "guerrilla gardening!"Street Art beautiful - they should do this all over rough neighborhoods or storm damaged areas.

"Wardrobe Snacks" by Kelsey McClellan

Wardrobe Snacks

In this series, Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire interfere with style boundaries, for a dishy shoot!

Pink suit, pink wafers

Stylists and photographers in San Francisco : Kelsey McCellan and Michelle Maguire worked together on a project called Wardrobe Snacks. The two companions have matched for this series clothes with food, such as oysters or donuts.

laundry on the line - remember how fresh and clean those sheets smelled

My house may be cluttered at times, but guests have always loved the smell of my home and the fresh sheets. Nothing replaces the great fresh air in Northern Maine off the Aroostook River.

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Galería - Philadelphia Navy Yards / James Corner Field Operations - 7

Philadelphia Navy Yards / James Corner Field Operations

James Corner Field Operations designs an iconic circular park for the Philadelphia Navy Yard Philadelphia Navy Yard Central Green by James Corner Field Operations – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building