Gleaming Primrose Mirror

Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology A Nordic Design Staple  The Swedish Kakelugn Tile Stove  Part 1

Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology in traditional Swedish design. This is the Swedish Kakelugn Tile Stove.

Timber Stairs and suspended fireplace

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #23

Victorian floors often had mats in places that would receive more wear or dirt, like doorways or in front of fireplaces. Tile serves equally well.

I like the transition for the hallway to each room downstairs, it's a nice break between each room even if the doorways remain open. Back door into dining room?

bedroom fireplace hearth

Dining room hearth could be re tiled in black and white as cohesive link to entrance hall. Or use white only off cuts from entrance hall cut to size if pattern too fussy.