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Pink flowers bring pops of cheer to any space. Learn about types of pink flowers and see pink flower images to help you find your perfect plant.

Landet Krokus: vitlysning En ny favorit för året. Sol till halvskugga. Vitlysingen, Lysimachia clethroides. Vitlysing är en perenn växt med höga spiror som längts ut i toppen blir en aning böjd. Spirorna får massor av små vita blommor och blommar på senare halvan av sommaren.Vitlysingen blir upp till 80 cm men det finns även mindre, knubbigare sorter som är lite nyare.

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Find backyard inspiration with these 20 amazing backyard living outdoor spaces. Glean ideas for your backyard outdoor rooms and find outdoor furniture ideas for your space.

Wonderful Photo! Broughton Castle Gardens

What is a secret garden? It’s a little spot tucked away in the back corner of the yard. It’s a place where you’ll be able to retreat, to sit in the quietude of the summer evenings…

Prairie Smoke / Geum triflorum The silky, flowing plumes of Prairie Smoke always gains devotees at first sight. When it is going to seed, the blossoms open up creating an effect that resembles smoke hovering over the plant itself. Blooming in spring to early summer, in well-drained, soils, it prefers full to partial sun. We grow ours in our "scree" garden which is made of nothing but sand and gravel!

Geum triflorum (Prairie Smoke) is one of the most stunning and longest lasting prairie perennials, with unmistakable feathery silver and pink seedheads in mid-spring. It is a soft, hairy plant growing typically to 16 tall with fern-like leaves.