Why we love Grimm's Wooden Toys

Why we love Grimm's Wooden Toys (how we montessori)

I go a little crazy for beautiful wooden toys. There is always that discussion in my mind about cost versus quality. This year we received the Grimm's wooden rainbow which I had always admired and I instantly regretted not getting it earlier. We have quit

A perfeição vista através da simplicidade. http://www.husohem.se/New-Bloggar/Alla-bloggar/Inredning/Hello-Kiddo/Inlagg/?BlogEntry=26010

Chalkboard painted base for creative play. Japanese Kiko + makes wooden toys , like this mini-city with famous buildings from London. The black tiles are painted with chalkboard paint so That You can paint your own roads.

The Best Wooden Toys - Grimm's Speil & Holz Design

The Best Wooden Toys - Grimm's Speil & Holz Design. I am in love with these toys for Macijah, they seem well worth the splurge to have all natural toys for him to play with!

Bivaxljus ~ tårtljus

Mini pumpkin cakes with caramel pastry cream and toasted lemon meringue frosting (Call me cupcake)

Frankie daily journal 2018

Just try wiping the smile off your dial when flipping through Frankie's 2016 daily journal. Pretty florals, dots, stripes and cute shapes have been