Minimalistic Coat Stand by Peter van de Water for Cascando via Kenderfrau

LEAN ON COAT STAND - Recently I came across this minimalistic coat stand designed by Peter van de Water for Cascando – and I was hooked.

AMM blog | handmade brass mobile

mobile of brass

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DIY__________magazine holder

DIY Magazine holder - wire cord or string in a large circle, looped around a sturdy nail/hook - so easy & super minimal

Tube lamp

Annaleenas hem has come up with an amazing Tube Lamp DIY. Did you ever consider making a lamp out of a poster tube?

paper clip mirror//annaleenashem

Mirror shards hung via clipboard hardware - love -from ANNALEENAS HEM // pure home decor and inspiration!

copper/plaster candle holder

Talented Stockholm based photographer and stylist Annaleena Leino Karlsson's style is the epitome of ethereal Scandinavian minimalism.