côte&ciel creates bags, backpacks and sleeves for men and women that enable your travels. Each with an emphasis on innovative design and fabric research.

Silt Collection by VW+BS (set) by VW+BS

Silt Collection - Set of 15 Pieces

Karakter Copenhagen - Sferico Glass Collection, Joe Colombo

Sferico Glass Collection By Joe Colombo For Karakter Copenhagen

TDC: New Danish brand, 101 Copenhagen

101 Copenhagen is a new Danish design brand centred around the creation of beautiful accessories that showcase exquisite craftsmanship an.

Falke Svatun challenges the conventional perception of a vase

Why should home wares be limited to the flat bi-dimensionality of table tops? Oslo-based Norwegian designer Falke Svatun challenges this conventional .

say hi to_ Maniera / Collectible Design Brussels

March_ Collectible Design, Belgium

say hi to_ Maniera / Collectible Design Brussels