A cozy and romantic backyard nook takes date night to a whole new level. This outdoor dining setting is tucked away under a gorgeous arbor and surrounded by nature, lighted with fairy lights, lanterns, and candles.

The Tages garden: Trellis of rebar

I Tages trädgård: Spaljé av armeringsjärn Garden trellis made of rebar

.Simpel idee voor ''tafel'' , maar erg leuk

12 Incredible ideas for Cozy Benches - Simple Garden Bench - Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

rostiga krukor

driveway - planter boxes of steel with trellis

Edging and rock Inspiration - Kantstöd

Edging and rock Inspiration - Kantstöd by patrica

Frilansande fotograf som bloggar om inredning.

great repurposed arched window in potting space.I like the idea of using this for a potting space/grill.maybe add a second table and have a pizza/bread oven the look with the gothic window arch

Växtskärmar som skyddar mot insyn blir ett vanligare inslag kring våra uteplatser.

Style of screens to block Samford house without taking up patio space~

skiffer betongsten

skiffer betongsten