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Bracelets are normally a no for men. But Men can layer bracelets too while still being stylish and classy.

♂ Men's fashion Masculine elegance man with grey hair. At Sugar Matchmaking-we can even school the men in fashion. Why shouldn't you both be walking in style?

Ben Dahlhaus

less exaggerated idea for the hair/facial hair, but it would need to be dark. a good rugged handsomeness

// Men's Fashion

classy outfit for men! leather gloves, suspenders, unbuttoned white custom dress shirt and black pants.

he has a beard, tattoos and the hair. love the fact that he's wearing a kilt, as i am part scottish. you've gotta love a man in a kilt

Nobody could stop themselves from staring at his tight fit jeans clinging to his well- shaped body.

baby boy...

I had twins June They are the joy in our life. We dislike a lot of baby clothing and dress our boys in little man outfits. So, this site is for people who like baby fashion and style.

Jacqueline Shelton- "Conventional" This image shows a "business man'. While it is true that some men dress in the manner reflected in this picture, not all business men dress this way.


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