Sauna / hot tub combo

A big sauna with a huge window looking out on the forest and the outdoor hot tub that's big enough for many people to warm up from the cold. This could also be used as a cold pool for dunking after sweating in the sauna.

Vackert gästhus! Älskar timmerstockarna och färgsättningen.

(Closed rp ) We walk put of the shack heading for the woods. I see we left something behind, I go grab it real quick. One of the guards comes out but I get away quickly.

Madickens hus på Junibacken

Junibacken is the name of the children's books writer Astrid Lindgren's museum in Stockholm.


The old Hälsingland Farmhouses that now are on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Hemnetgodis på Hvitfeldtsgatan (Trendenser)

Hemnetgodis på Hvitfeldtsgatan (Trendenser)

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