More use for those perler beads lying around in the house. Melt them and make bracelets out of them. :)

Preheat the oven to Set up a number of plastic beads (so called ironing beads / Perler beads on a baking sheet with baking paper. Place it in the oven, pay close attention and after about 5 minutes, the beads has melted and become flat

Enkla och goda klippta grahamsbullar som passar perfekt på frukostbordet.

- klippta Grahamsbullar - Graham Rolls, - use cold milk,lesser yeast for cold rise to next morning breakfast, slice dough

Cute cookies for Valentine. Söta kakor med sylthjärta till alla hjärtans dag.

Hemma med Helena

Make sweet cookies for valesntine's. With rasberry jam you can make small hearts.

Marshmallows popcakes godis alla hjärtans dag barnkalas inspiration tips ide

Dipped Marshmallow Pops sweets dessert treat recipe chocolate marshmallow party munchies yummy cute pretty unique creative food porn cookies cakes brownies I want in my belly ♥ ♥ ♥

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