Letter Of The Week

Letter Of The Week Crafts

Preschool letter of the week curriculum - fun and engaging letter crafts. Alphabet crafts for preschool.

Letter out of letters! Teaches letter, letter sound, fine motor skills, cutting! Love it!

Making a Letter with Letters

a fun project for kids learning the alphabet or to create the first letter of their name for upper grade art project.

letter hunt out on the town! Great gross motor alphabet activity.

Learn On The Go Letter Hunt

Letter Hunt Busy Bag = Put an Alphabet Checklist in a Plastic Page Protector & Let Child Use a Dry Erase Marker to Check Off Letters While Running Errands Car Ride on Road Signs and Licence Plates or at the Grocery Store

Letters of All Sizes

FREE set of beginning handwriting sheets for preschoolers -- kids started these around age 3 before they were ready for traditional handwriting pages.

Läs- och skrivundervisning : Checklistor att hämta!

Läs- och skrivundervisning : Checklistor att hämta!