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Shopping around for a new house?  Thinking about rearranging the one you’ve got?  Not sure where to put your furniture? Try the Make Room! This “Make Room” program is great, becau…

Design Your Own Room

Cool website enter the dimensions of your room and the things you want to put in it and it helps you come up with ways to arrange it.

Tapeter Boråstapeter Silent Nature 9070 - Tapeter -

Tapeter Boråstapeter Silent Nature 9070 - Tapeter -

Tapet Boråstapeter Borosan 14 37708 - Tapeter -

Scandinavian design wallpaper 37708 from collection Borosan Easy Up by Borastapeter and Eco Wallpaper

Tapet Boråstapeter Borosan 14  37702 - Mönstrade tapeter - Tapeter

Wallpaper from the collection Borosan EasyUp 14 in the colour White and pattern Large scale pattern, Floral.

Ingrid 350:- borås

Ingrid 350:- borås

Andra stora bilden på tapetern Vera Ljusgrå

First thumbnail image of Vera Light grey