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This Canvas String Art Graffiti project is fun for kids and adults alike. While this is a spray paint project, you can use alternative paints or dyes for younger children. Makes a fun summer art project when your kids get bored.

DIY Caddy for pens/papers

15 School Homework Organization Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Duct Tape + Old Food Boxes = Awesome! Keep the kids' homework organized and separated by helping them make a customized homework caddy. Great for your own paperwork, too!

Picture tag map by Rotkehlchens. Click through for a roundup of 19 perfect DIY projects for travel lovers - all gorgeous, wanderlust-inspired and simple to make.

19 Gorgeous Travel-Inspired DIY Projects

My Opinion (Lekeisha J): This was also one of my favourites due to it being fascinating to me and unique. // Rotkehlchen: DIY/Interior: Tagging a World Map with your favorite Pictures

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Use Velcro dots to encourage new Braille readers to learn their name in factually. Bind the pages on top or on the side to create a book. (Merry-Noel Chamberlain, TVI)

Use Velcro dots to encourage new Braille readers to learn their name tactually.

Gestaltning ADJEKTIV - VERB De var glada De hoppade upp och ner Han...

Gestaltning – Poster by Annika Sjödahl

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