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Silver Dream Socks / DROPS 157-10 - Stickade DROPS sockor i ”Karisma” med norskt mönster. Stl 35 till 46. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Silver Dream Socks - Knitted DROPS socks with Norwegian pattern in ”Karisma”. Size 35 to 46 - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Сохранённые фотографии | 796 фотографий

Сохранённые фотографии | 796 фотографий

Horse bridle holder use for rope or reins by BlacksmithCreations

Horse bridle holder or reins, rope. Horseshoes for barn or workshop, wall hook for dog leash.

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polo wrap tutorial

Leg wrapping the right way. I see so many not wrap correctly. At one glance look for the inverted V.

Check out these alternative therapies to help to keep your #horse healthy and comfortable

Ohhh right there . Massage therapy helps horses improve muscle tone, reduce muscle spasms, relieve tension and increase agility . we use a horse massage therapist to tend to our horses needs

Stretches for Horses. the naturally healthy horse.

Stretches for Horses. the naturally healthy horse.always stretch horses before barrel races and other events like sorting and penning exc.

Strengthen Your Horse's Back with Belly Lifts.....they really work use them on my barrel horses, have witnessed the improvements in several horses! good for saddle fit too!

Strengthen Your Horse's Back with Belly Lifts. Belly lifts are beneficial for strengthening your horse's back. Here's an alternate way to upward finger pressure at the girth area to help your horse do this exercise.

Lindas *HEM*ligheter: Sist men inte minst

English version of the pattern can be found here:

White Lace Knitted Stocking Pattern from Vogue.

Lace Stockings Pattern Too bad I'm terrible at knitting. And all the thigh high leg warmers I could handle! Worth a try!


Maybe this sock pattern could be converted to fingerless mitts. Socks of Kindness: free pattern included