Anne-Sofie Lidman

Anne-Sofie Lidman

Anne-Sofie Lidman
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Pastel Stiletto Nails

Pastel Stiletto Nails Pastel colours are in this season! Have to get my nails done like this some day!

Sweetest thing ever...

a 5 YEAR Old asked her Big Brother, "what is love?" one day. He Replied "Love is when you steal my chocolate from my school pack everyday and I still keep it in the same place" .AWWWW I love that my daughter has two big brothers!

This round might take a while. (golfer)

Improve Your Golf Swing With These Tips! Golf may seem like it's just whacking a ball into a hole, but there's so much more to it than that. To create a golf swing that sends the ball just where y

Make charming window shutters for $10! - Design Dreams by Anne featured on www.ilovethatjunk...

This would be a great way to bring a little rustic to otherwise bland builder-grade windows - diy indoor shutters, diy, window treatments, windows, woodworking projects. More butt hinges attach the panels to the window frame