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Poisonous plant and classic Witch garden flowers. All of these plant while lovely are indeed toxic. For more information read my book "Garden Witches Herbal". There you will find a chapter devoted to Gothic Witch Garden Plants. -Ellen Dugan

Poisonous Plants: The are an ancient family of deliriants and hallucinogens that have been venerated as "Witches’ Weeds" since the earliest disciples of plant lore learned of their properties. Among them are counted Henbane and Hemlock, Datur

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Moon of finest silver wane, take with you bad luck and bane. As you fade into the night, bring new hope back in sight. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Book of Shadows: Invocation of Hecate.

Pan INVOCATION OF HECATE To my sacred invocation I invite the power who reigns in the deepest dark of night. I call Hecate, lovely dame of earthly, watery and celestial frame.