The most refreshing ice cream ever.

Watermelon Ice Cream


oh god, the whole set of these food animals are so cute. i’m turning into my grandma. buy the orange tabby cat here.

Cantaloupe bunny by Jean Geraldo Silva

Melon bunny carvings are perfect centerpieces for Spring or Easter dinner. Check out Nita's lessons on how to make an easy melon bunny fruit bowl!

Apple crab snacks for kids to make! So cute for summer or an ocean theme

Apple Crab Snacks for Kids

Apple crab snacks for kids to make! So cute for summer or an ocean theme (Crab Apple Recipes)

chicken egg

Hard Boiled Egg Chickens Here is another way to present those soon to extra supply of hard boiled eggs! Black peppercorns for the eyes, carved carrot for beak and head.

Baka med banan! Här får du tips på fyra skojiga bakverk med banan. Läs och inspireras till din egen bakning.

Fruit Dog Banana Fun food for kids Healthy food Snack Simple Quick Easy Cheap…

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Strawberry cupcakes with a frightening strawberry monster. These Monster Strawberry Cupcakes will make a killer impression at your next Halloween party! Little Shop of Horrors

My new summer centerpiece to try.

So cute for a summer picnic or birthday party! It's a hedgehog watermelon, Cathy! A hedgehog watermelon!

sun flower

Healthy Cheesy Sunflower Snack with cheddar cheese, grapes and celery. The is delicious!

1. Cykel 2. Blommor 3. Skelett 4. Fjäril 5. Morot 6. Katt 7. Kycklingar 8. Gran 9. Ansikte 10. Blomma 11. Räfflat 12. Påfågel 13. Hus 14. Regnbåge 15. Solros 16. Gran 17. Kalkon 18. Mer kalkon

Instead of baby carrots, buy carrot chips and arrange like a giant carrot with a broccoli top. Instead of baby carrots, buy carrot chips and arrange…

coolest dessert. Chocolate Pudding flavored with mint, cookie crumbs may act soil and a small mint sprig, tadaaa ...

Potted Chocolate-Mint Puddings - It's dirt. It's dessert. It's dirt dessert! Kids will love making (and eating) these potted pudding desserts cleverly disguised as seedlings


These easy fruit ladybugs make eating fruit fun! A healthy snack or dessert for kids that they will love to eat! Yumm-a-lious!