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Paleo pizza crust

A simple and healthy Paleo pizza recipe that& different from the now well-known meatza from the use of a regular crust to give it the feel of a real pizza

Getting kids to eat organ meats

Liver Pâté - The Paleo Mom Pâté is one of my favorite ways to incorporate organ meat into my diet. I love to spread it on cucumber slices or celery. There are many different seasonings for pâté out there.

Extremely sweet original receipe. Instead, I just use 2 tbsp honey and add an extra egg, 50 g of butter and a few tablespoons of water if needed to form the dough.

These almond biscuits will be a little chewier than the common biscotti. That’s because I use honey or agave instead of sugar and almost only almond flour (instead of a combination of almond …