Sven Nordqvist


Pettson and his cat Findus; from a series of children's books by Swedish author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist

Pettson & Findus. By Sven Nordqvist. Sweden.

When I see Pettson & Findus, I remember bout Ann


'Findus Moves Out' by Sven Nordqvist


Pettson and Findus (bilderböcker) by Sven Nordqvist, Sweden

Pettson & Findus by Sven Nordqvist Sweden.

deskriptiv: “ eaja: Art by Sven Nordqvist ”

Sven Nordqvist

Sven Nordqvist

Pettson & Findus

Usefull christmas gift wrap up - Pettson and Findus

Mercury and Festus

The Magic book: Findus and the Fox

Pettson och Findus.  Sven Nordqvist. Sweden.

Sven Nordqvist is a Swedish illustrator whose best known books are Pettson och Findus (Pettson and Findus), the first which was published in The stories tell the adventures of an old farmer and his cat (What’s not to like?

Pettson and Findus

Pettersson und Findus Weihnachten - Sven Nordqvist - Well Findus, I'm going to assume that middle one is a hat.

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Findus the cat Christmastree

Sven Nordqvist Pettson and Findus

Pettson and Findus illustrated by Sven Norquist.


by Sven Nordqvist