Use playing cards to play "Fraction War" - this is a great way to learn fractions!!

Use playing cards to play "Fraction War" - this is a great way to learn fractions! You can do so many things with a deck of cards including using them to teach fractions.

Free Printable Fractions Worksheets

Free Printable Fractions Worksheets: from the variety of worksheets provided, these worksheets can be very useful when dealing with different sized fractions and how they relate to each other.

*fractions printables and more*

Perfect for print out, and put music notation over instead Multiplying and Dividing Fractions with Fraction Circles

These free pizza fraction printables are a great way to have fun and learn about equivalent fractions.

Free Pizza Fraction Printable Activities: Equivalent Fractions

Fractions of Time. Reinforce fractions using a clock that students probably look at each day :)!

Teach them to get used to what a half hour after each 5 min interval is. Good general idea for teaching time on analog clocks

Musical Fractions #math #fractions

FREE Math+Music+Science Idea~ Kids explore fractions and write a colorful melody…

Fraction Flipper Foldable...this is pretty awesome

Of course I just finished fractions, but kids can always use reteaching. Here is a template to make a "fraction flipper" showing equivalent fractions/fractions that equal Also find music and decimal flippers here along with related worksheets.

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