Earth Day Snack: Dirt cups!  (Pudding, Oreo's, and gummy worms!)

Mothering with Creativity: Dirt Cups Recipe (Great for Earth Day)

Wormy Worm-Earthworm Unit and Craft                                                                                                                                                      More

Wormy Worm-Earthworm Unit and Craft

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grass caterpillar craft project Too bad my kids are too old for this.will need to keep this idea for potential grandkids.

Root Viewer

Originally posted as a gift idea for a child. But I think it would be a great way to see how root plants grow. You plant seeds that grow underground plants and watch the roots and vegetables form. Good teacher or parent craft for kids.

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Earth Day - Grass Head Guys - like chia pet for kids.I did this for the kids in Safekey. We all had a blast making them and watching the hair grow.


Plant Pals Your indoor gardener may not get your "bad hair day" jokes, but the fun of this grassy-haired friend won't be lost on him. Like a Chia Pet, the project requires just a sprinkling of seeds, a bit of sun, and a few drops of patience.

Mud prints. Smear some mud on the sidewalk or on a piece of cardboard and  draw with a stick. FUN!

Check out these 20 ideas for completely tactile, out-of-control, giggle-inducing creativity. The best part of these messy activities for kids is when you get to turn the hose on your kids and restore them back to their original splendor.

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