Though a white lace umbrella would be useless against the rain, it would be lovely to have for photography.


summer dream, road trip in this car with all the best friends to the beach

Je veux.  Classic Volkswagen Campers

VW Type 2 Bus Campers at Surf Beach Dry Mounted Poster in Black Frame

I've dreamt about it, but didn't think it really existed ♥

My dream is to buy a VW bus, paint it pink and white, and roadtrip across the US.


Stockholm, Sweden-based Waldemar Hansson is one of those fashion photographers whose flair for drama can be seen in every one of his photos. With his maste

Back to the Seventies

Anjelica Huston & Friend, Photo by Bob Richardson for Vogue Paris. stars, like in the Fall 11 Dolce & Gabbana collection + high waisted denim trousers ….

Classic Art Recreated Using Thousands Of Jelly Beans

This famous poster.not so much Jelly beans art by Kristen Cumings.

Le Doudou Elephant Man <3

Maffers Walker of MaffersToys has crocheted Sad Merrick, an amigurumi of Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man).