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Wendela Antepohl

Wendela Antepohl
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'Drawing Realistic Ears...!' (via Comic Reference)

Drawing Realistic Ears Unless you are a cartoon artist, drawing realistic ears is one of the the hardest parts of the human body you will ever learn to draw. Not because it is hard to draw - but.

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My take on a killer clown 👻 super quick and easy to create - using what a spice collection on the eyes, fx palette and fresh scratch ( both from ) to create the cuts and blood 🔪

These skeleton makeup looks are perfect for Halloween!

Half& half Skeleton ☠️ white flawless foundation and withe press power foundation. mark jo k lipsticks. shade and light eye palette in shax.

the pretty Halloween makeup ideas that let us feel beautiful on the spookiest of holidays.

Are you getting ready for the Halloween Holidays? Have you decided on your fancy dress?These pretty Halloween makeup ideas let you feel beautiful on the spookiest of holidays