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Anton Berglund

Anton Berglund
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How to Make a Plastic Foam Cutter

Gear demonstrates how to build a simple DIY plastic foam cutter using a nine-volt battery and some wire. The video shows the device in action as it quickly cuts through a styrofoam board.

DIY How To Build A Small Cabin On A Budget // I could totally do this, right? Gardening Ideas On A Budget

DIY How To Build A Small Cabin On A Budget. See it's stuff like this that makes me think I can do things like this. But great now I am sure I can build a small house.

Nsibidi Writing System - Page 3 - SkyscraperCity

Egyptian Symbols And Their Meanings Nsibidi writing system Things such as this always make us leary. The tampering issues are constant as are the embeded codes so even with valid materials we handle them like hazardous materials.