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Political humor-Education system “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Kristin Mismash

Five delicious cups of hot and sweet coffee from The Book Barista for OUT OF THE GAME. "I’m not gonna lie, I did shed a few tears. [I really am a big sap.] I loved the other two books but this one is definitely my favourite in this series.

Make or Do - multiple choice

A multiple choice exercise to practise collocations with make and do. Have a nice weekend, mada :) - ESL worksheets

But, one are fashion females, males and everything in between can create something that they like. And you don't have to where it. The other one is punished by death if not used in some culture's and under some law's. Dont talk bullshit!

Funny pictures about Male dominated culture. Oh, and cool pics about Male dominated culture. Also, Male dominated culture photos.

“Be alive and kicking” means “to be in good health and active”.  Example:  - How is your grandmother?  - She’s alive and kicking!

The fear of permanent loss of identity. The fear of loss of control. The fear that there is nothing after death. The fear of physical pain at the time of death The fear of the loss of youth. The fear of an unfulfilled life. The fear of.

Saying Images share life quotes which can inspire and motivate you, read all these inspirational quotes with pictures about life and live life happy!