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The BEST gluten free cinnamon rolls. Made with simple ingredients and are moist, gooey and soft just like a cinnamon roll should be. No one can ever tell they are gluten free!

Åsens By in the winter, Småland, Sweden

I just wanna live here .with my kids and dogs and cats and horses and need cattle.and four wheelers and my HOT MAN man to come home everynite!

Häggvik, Sweden


Soul Mission (astral destination recently): Häggvik, Sweden. A beautiful village in the High Coast region.

♥ Fyra årstider - mitt liv på landet: jul

Snowy House I love how it makes the house look so cute and warm and like you want to live there SWEDEN

svenskafolkdrater - Swedish national dress, from Kate Davies' blog 'Needled'

Nanny had something like this in the basement of her old house :-) Svenska Folkdräkter~ Swedish National Costumes

Northern Lights in Sweden ~ stunning photo by Kristin Repsher

A Taste of Wilderness in the Middle of Rovaniemi

Northern Lights – Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, Places You Should Visit Once This Winter

Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden, viking mounds // Same in NORWAY in the there were a few LARGE known Viking burial mounds right next to the main street (not much of a highway) and nobody DREAMED of 'disturbing' their Graves!