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I love baskets in the pantry! Pantry Options and Ideas for Efficient Kitchen Storage : Kitchen Remodeling : HGTV Remodels

There's a lot more that goes on in the kitchen than just cooking. For many homeowners, it's the main room where they spend their time eating, entertaining,

Storage-Friendly Accessory Trends for Kitchen Countertops

A tiered tray is both functional and beautiful. Use it to hold your produce, add some plants or succulents, store your spices, etc. 15 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Counter Clutter - Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Efter att ha scannat hela internet efter smart förvaring till hemmet, kokar det faktiskt ner till denna lilla lista. Varsågoda, 7 förvaringstips ni inte vill vara utan!

Topp-7-listan på smartaste förvaringen till ditt hem

You could use the tension rod across the back of a cabinet as well. I don't have large drawers. pot lids are held in place by a tension rod placed across the front of a drawer.

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Spaghetti Jar Used to Store Cupcake Wrappers. If only I had enough cupcake wrappers to fill a spaghetti jar.