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it has been 7 years and i still cant make a good braid in my horses hair...

How to braid a horse’s mane with a Spanish Braid (running braid). I'd like to do it - so when I let it out his mane will be wavy.

Did you ever see this Twilight deleted scene?? | 17 Things That Prove Having Your Period Is Actually Hilarious

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We are comparing them to horses now?

Equine animals that look like the Sherlock cast. :) Sherlock is officially a black stallion.) In case you forgot, Benedict Cumberbatch rode the black horse in Warhorse. ah John and the fluffy pony! i want this fluffy pony. Love the anderson horse!

Star Trek Emotions of Spock Poster  (Still more expressive than Kristen Stewart) ... I think he is more expressive than Imran Khan and John Abraham put together too ...

Star Trek Emotions of Spock Poster. You might think that being a Vulcan would mean that Spock is devoid of emotion. This Star Trek Emotions of Spock Poster shows all of Spock’s emotions.