Easy little side yard

DeBolt's Backyard

Easy little side yard. I would love to do this with our side yard. I think I smell a spring project! I could even add a small privacy fence to front of the house or some trellis to hide the side yard from the front.

6 Insect Repellent Plants To Grow   repel: mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas & more...

Mosquito Repellent Plants: 7 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes & Bugs

Six Insect Repellent Plants To Grow Feverfew Chrysanthemum Pennyroyal Lavender Marigolds Citronella grass

lampy solarne do ogrodu

Right in time for summer, Osram is expanding its line of Noxlite outdoor LED luminaires. New in the range is the Noxlite LED Garden Spot Mini.

nice tiles and color combination for the balcony

I just love this urban patio design, and the dark wall color is gorgeous!

Praktisk hus med lyse mursten

Cool og funkisinspireret villa i hvide sten med udendørs palmelounge