TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)

Want to make your Wordpress site more secure from malicious code and unwanted scripts? Ever wanted to know if your Wordpress theme is safe? In this guide, you'll be learning how to make Wordpress more secure from malicious code and unwanted scripts.

membership plugin

membership plugin

Custom Post View Generator

Creates views allowing the user to display of data of custom post type fields and other wordpress fields without the any theme modification.

Custom Field Template  This plugin extends the functionality of custom fields.

The Custom Field Template plugin extends the functionality of custom fields.

Category Grid View Gallery Plugin

With Category Grid View Gallery plugin you can automatically generate a grid view with images grabbed from certain category posts, great for creating portfolios and photo galleries.

Add Extra Boxes to Your Write/Edit Page: WordPress Custom Fields Plugin

Easily create your own fields on the editing screen; then output them wherever you like in your theme.

GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce

Adds GoodRelations metadata as RDFa to WP e-Commerce plugin

Automatically Organize Your Posts into Series – WordPress Plugin

This plugin automatically creates tables of contents, a series header for each post, and even more navigation to help you get your series together.

Secure HTML5 Video Player    A video plugin for WordPress built on the VideoJS HTML5 video player library. Allows you to embed video in your post or page using HTML5 with Flash fallback support for non-HTML5 browsers. Settings can be easily configured with a control panel and simplified short codes. Video files can be served from a secured private directory.

Secure Video Player allows you to play video on modern browsers. Videos can be served privately; pseudo-streamed from a secured directory …

How To Podcast With WordPress

From WordPress to iTunes: How To Podcast With WordPress

How To Podcast With WordPress

wordpress podcast plugin

A plugin for Podcasters using WordPress.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator Plugin

Makes video thumbnails, allows resolution switching, and embeds responsive self-hosted videos and galleries.