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Quiet activities for two year olds - threading cardboard beads

Cardboard Beads Threading Activity for Toddlers - I love this activity, easy & affordable for parents and so much fun and educational for toddlers.

You can fill the gloves with rice, oatmeal, beans. Great for sensory!

Sensory Hands made with latex gloves and filled with different weights and textures such as sand, cotton balls, beans, rice.

Toddler activity

Toddler activity with playdoh, spaghetti noodles and cheerios. Good for fine motor skills and keeps them busy for a long time! Try not to break the spaghetti!

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Sensory Activity Board: vintage wooden beads and blocks to complete the look. The center light is a battered operated closet light and the bicycle bell works! All items were secured by screws and/or glued in place for safety.

Förskoleburken: Gratis sånghäften till förskolan

Förskoleburken: Gratis sånghäften till förskolan