I've always always always wanted to make a garden flowery path like this, if I only had a back yard

Pink oriental poppies and lady's mantle. Ladies Mantle is one of those plants that make everything near it look more beautiful.

Use a fence (bright colored rod iron?) to protect and keep ferns back

Not actually tropical but the combination of lush ferns in the background with a large leaved plant up front feels tropical.

Simple Wine Cork Garden Markers

29 Cute DIY Garden Crafts You Can Make for Your Outdoor Space

BIKAS TRÄDGÅRD: Underbara sommar....

I like use of rocks gravel to slow water down as it moves through landscape on slight slope. Flat stone with depression in foreground a perfect spot for bees & butterflies to get water (without drowning in a deeper birdbath)

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Old Doors in the Garden. salvaged door in the garden. I've seen them used beautifully as garden gates or as trellises for vines. Either way, I think they're completely charming and perfect for a shabby chic or English country garden.

re-use it, bird feeder, think I'll get Randy onto this one.

Log Bird Feeder - 23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds (my note: I haven't looked at all of these, but at least one is a terrible idea. The window birdfeeder -- birds could fly into the glass and hurt themselves.

Allium 'Superglobe' Mixed

bulbs planted in both ornamental beds and naturalized area to be sown. Makes big impact in the spring. Bulbs planted this fall.

Beautiful. Love the colors and especially how they frames the windows and edges of the house. Windows are cool, too.

Love the colors and especially how they frames the windows and edges of the house.

Garden blues: Flower theme with blue, purple, green and white. Beautiful!

Purple has always been my all time favorite color, but add a touch of blue and a hint of green and what do you have? Only the perfect colors of my dream wedding Wedding Ideas Dresses