Kvällssolen lyser in i vardagsrummet. Hej Finingar, Hoppas ni haft en skön söndag i sommarvädret. Nu...

PICKNICK (Karin Boo Wiklander)

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Förläng hallen (IKEA Sverige - Livet Hemma)

modern white planter with cactus, geometric rug

Like the beautiful deep green color of plant modern white planter with cactus, geometric rug

Wire Shoe Rack Bench More

Look at this amazing idea for all those messy shoes under the stairs. Made by us at Ineko Home, our 3 seater Wire Shoe Rack Bench is the perfect

Hanna Wessman's home - via Coco Lapine Design

Hanna Wessman's home

With the mirror making a big statement in this space, the lower bench is a good option!

Via: Instagram

Höj mysfaktorn med ljusslingor – 12 fina tips

Alla bilder - Slottsgatan 12, vån 4

SELENCY : Curiosity / entrance / hall / green / blue / frame on the wall / black and white wall

Passion For, Decorations