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ateljé Lyktan UK

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Kulturhuset Library located in the Art Centre of Stockholm was fitted with curved and straight state-of-the-art LED-powered light fittings integrated on top of bookshelf, throwing new light on the Classic Steel Shelving System, adding to an exciting interplay between shelving and lighting.

Stubben bollard comes in hot-dip galvanised or black colours but can be commissioned in other colours - you name it, we'll produce it

Stockholm II post illuminates back street in Åhus

Stockholm II post has body and shades made of aluminium and features top part in black and the bottom in aluminium-grey

Chosen to light up the city centre of Åhus were our Stockholm II posts and our Stubben bollard

Our suspended Glenn was the luminaire chosen to light up the centre of Gothenburg

ateljé Lyktan had the pleasure of being commissioned to supply street lights for the centre of Gothenburg

To stay on top of the latest street lighting technology and manufacturers, Denmark has invested in the creation of a 'living lab' where authorities from across Europe as well as the general public can assess the performance of streetlights from 50 different suppliers, over a 10km stretch of road, in real time, helping them make more informed decision on the types of lights its towns should use in the future. Via @lux_magazine

We love the drama the Bernini post ads to the most common of walk paths, especially in the early mornings such as in this picture. Call us romantic!

Designed by Ulf Bengtsson the Bernini post is made of aluminium, polycarbonate and polyamide. It allows for 5 adjustable lamp positions making it the perfect fixture for pedestrian and cycle paths. Click to find out more about the Bernini post