Jonas Lidén

Jonas Lidén

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell
Jonas Lidén
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Retro comic enneagram type nine daydreaming

Thought Bubble 2014 The Innovative Writers of Image Comics - Jason Aaron, Scott Snyder, Kieron Gillen and more talk about their work, process and interests.

Retro comic enneagram type seven man

It's a joke of course, but it also captures to 7 personality perfectly. have ahard time committing to things, people, ideas, plans.

Retro comic enneagram type angry

Enneagram Type 8 -The Challenger (Sometimes corresponds with ESTP, ENTJ, ESTJ) I love this! (well maybe I yelled it a little :-)

Enneagram Type Nine retro comic

Enneagram Type 9 ~ are not initiators. This is for many reasons, but a key reason is because initiation requires their energy and are very careful about where that energy is spent.