Finfin klädhängare med krokar som fälls upp när de inte används: Symbol Coat Rack: Color detail

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Stack Coffee Table - By Project Sunday    $1,590

Handmade from reclaimed solid oak wood and maple plywood, Stack is the perfect coffee table that fuses natural elements that pop in a modern style home or office.

Klocka - Aika     $179 ($255 retail)

Aika means “time” in Finnish. Aika is the retro-modern design you have been looking for to spice up your contemporary living space.

3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures -   Wouldn’t it be cool to play with your own miniature sized replica and imagine that you were actually shrunk to several millimeters height by a giant x-ray?

urn yourself into an action figure, head on over to the new Omote printing photo booth in Tokyo set to open later this month. The photo booth will use technology to create miniature figure replicas of its subjects.

The Butler - By Curtis Micklish     $136 ($170 retail)

The Butler is a minimal iPhone dock designed by California-based designer Curtis Micklish. The Butler was named for its utility of taking away personal items away for safe keeping. The design was made.

ReEasy Källsorteringsväska

ReEasy Källsorteringsväska

EM Press Coffee Maker - By Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire     $30 ($43.95 retail)

Em French Press Designed for Stelton in the prize-winning vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen now comes as a press coffee maker in three different finishes.

Dock Box by Objekten    €79 (€89 retail price)

Dock Box by Objekten retail price)

Tempur Svankstöd Transit

Tempur Svankstöd Transit