Chocolate bowls are amazing for party directions or making the kids happy. Here is how to make a DIY Chocolate Bowl. A fun activity with yummy results!

This vegetarian layered beauty is stacked with fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, three kinds of Italian cheeses, and a rich, hearty tomato-basil sauce. Our Mile-High Meatless Lasagna Pie is ideal for a special-occasion dinner.

Beautiful Cake Pictures: Lilac Ruffles Striped Layers Cake - Cakes With Ruffles, Colorful Cakes, Purple Cakes -

Today's cupcakes, courtesy of user kimnguyen_, look like a beautiful spring garden, with edible flowers of all sorts. Colorful and flavorful, these are perfect for the warm weather.

Stone fruit tarts with coconut pastry cream & pistachios. So pretty!

Stone fruit tarts w/ coconut pastry cream & pistachios. This is very pretty but wouldn't be easy to eat since the cherries have seeds. I'm more interested in that coconut pastry cream!

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