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dibujos animados gif con movimiento - Buscar con Google

We made observations of our pumpkin over the course of the week after carving him last Thursday. It resembled the cover of our "Pumpk.


ayyy just some things i learned and found out about highschool and college! sorry this is long hahah my bad but please do enjoy to your best potential.

SIMPSONS ep: the man who grew too much @ reveals "over half of all the produce in america is GMO, with unknown effects"

The Simpsons’ “Lisa the Vegetarian” episode changed the image of vegetarians on TV.

When Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to appear on The Simpsons, showrunner David Mirkin decided to buy the proud vegetarians a gift.



$poiled ✨

✨how i am when i walk past a group of niggas and one of them yell , "aye guah?