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'We sense that the Goddess is making Her way back to us, but in just what guise is so far unclear..." Beatrice Bruteau. Art: Yemaya, Rainha Do Mar by Nraminhos

Yemoja is a spirit from the Yoruba religion. She is an Orisha and the mother of all Orishas. She is often syncretized with either the Virgin Mary, Our lady of Regla, or Stella Maris. Yemaya, Rainha Do Mar by Nraminhos

Gemini. I need only speak or think and it shall be. My will is far greater than your worst dreams...

I am a triple air sign-Wind Witch ~ "I am an Air Witch. I control words and wind. Spoken magic and poetry are my art. Each breath empowers me. The birds and the unseen spirits guide me.


Holy Fire by Alex Grey *note: If you are interested in learning more about meditation and somatic spirituality, check out my boo.